Who We Are and What We Do at Smart Valley

The K-12 Smart Valley Resource Center aims to provide the children of the Central Valley, California area (Pre-K to 12th grade), with educational and counseling resources to best meet their needs. We have tutors and counselors on staff to help make sure students of all ages are prepared for success both in education and in their personal lives. We offer counseling in a variety of areas (family counseling, guidance and career counseling, mental health counseling, and educational counseling) for all of the members of our community resource center and our tutors are some of the best in Central Valley!

All of our volunteers and staff do an amazing job to help Smart Valley achieve our goals and we would like to say thank you to everyone who makes this possible.

Notable Full-Time Staff Members

Office Staff Members

K-12 Smart Valley Professional Tutors

K-12 Smart Valley Counselors

Peer Tutors and Volunteers

Other Volunteers:

Every member of our staff is experienced in education and counseling and is available by appointment to help the youth of Central Valley, California succeed mentally, physically, and emotionally.